I'm a graduate student in historic preservation about to embark on the journey that is a Master's thesis. Recently, I completed a 2-week summer institute known as P.E.M.C.I {Public Engagement/Material Culture Institute} at the University of Delaware. Check out this blog to learn more about our day to day experiences! As a requirement, we are to find a way of engaging the public with our thesis.

What better way to do this than with a blog?!

So, what is my thesis? Well, as is only natural, it goes through constant changes, but I want to research sustainable heritage tourism, focusing on New Bedford, Massachusetts. 

Why New Bedford? Well, my mother's family have been long time residents of this cosmopolitan city &, in my opinion, its industrial past poses interesting possibilities of using sustainability as a marketing plan. I also have larger interests in tourism and economic development {as well as an undying love for New England!}.

I hope I can get people excited about New Bedford by sharing my personal findings in post form. I wanted to create a blog to document the general process of thesis research, since liberal arts scholars rarely share their works-in-progress with the public. Additionally, I hope this will function as a place to present my research to the community & where residents, enthusiasts, & even future visitors can share their ideas, concerns, & experiences. 

I have larger goals of gathering an Oral History of my Mémère, who has lived in New Bedford her entire life. I would also like to interview some local business owners. These efforts will help me formulate a current, and past, picture of the workings of the city. I haven't yet decided on whether to focus on all of New Bedford or a particular historic district. My current leanings are towards the New Bedford Whaling National Historic Park, which includes the New Bedford Historic District, in which the Seaman's Bethel, and the Mariners Home are located

Again, this is a work-in-progress. So, let's see where this all takes me! 
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